Bariatric Toilet Seat Support

The Bariatric Toilet Seat Support was developed to solve the problem of wall hung or floor mounted vitreous china toilet bowls cracking or breaking due to obese patients or customers. Toilet bowels cracking will result in an expensive replacement cost and potentially dangerous and embarrassing situations for facilities and patients or customers. The problem is most prevalent in hospitals but certainly not limited to hospitals. This product could also be used in nursing homes, medical clinics, schools and other public facilities. This apparatus can be used on standard height or ADA height toilets.

This patented Bariatric Toilet Seat Support (BTSS) was designed to slide between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat with the seat resting on the toilet support, transferring the weight to the floor through the support members. The toilet seat support will handle 700 + pounds. This unit will work on most wall hung or floor mounted toilets.

The support apparatus is fully adjustable horizontally. The four support legs have adjustable non-slip pads that sit on the floor and swivel to sit securely on uneven floors or bathrooms with floor drains near the toilet stalls. After the support is adjusted to the correct height there is a stainless steel locking nut to keep the unit set in the correct position horizontally.

The support apparatus is also adjustable vertically. The unit has two stainless steel threaded rods with rubber end caps that need to be adjusted to the wall behind the toilet. When installing the apparatus the installer will slide the apparatus over the toilet bowl until it meets the hinged bolts of the toilet seat. They will then adjust the two threaded rods until the rubber bumper rest against the wall behind the toilet, than secure the stainless steel locking nut to keep the apparatus adjusted vertically.

The toilet seat support is made of stainless steel is light weight (26lbs) and easily moved for cleaning of the BTSS unit and or the bathroom. When the unit is properly installed the locking nuts keep the unit in the same position so there is no need to readjust the unit when reinstalling after cleaning.

Other advantages to using the Bariatric Toilet Seat Support are:

  • It allows Bariatric patients or obese visitors to use conventional bathrooms with out the concern or embarrassment of maybe doing damage to the toilet.
  • The support apparatus can be installed in the patient room before the patient arrives to the room so the patient will not even know it was installed especially for them.
  • Reduces the need for embarrassing portable commodes that need to be emptied and cleaned by nursing staff.
  • The BTSS takes up less room and does not need to be stored because it is always in place ready to use.
  • The apparatus may help protect the facility from damage and possible law suits due to injury from toilets breaking when properly installed.
  • This product can be customized to meet your facilities needs.

The average porcelain toilet fixture is built to support approximately 350 lbs. before the possibility of failure by cracking of the fixture
The worry free way to allow patients of any size easy access and comfort without fear of fixture failure.

Avoid the possibility of serious injuries and patient embarrassment with the Bariatric Toilet Seat Support
  • Supports patient weight up to 700 lbs.
  • ADA Compatible
  • Easily installed before patient arrives at the facility
  • Give both patient and facility peace of mind and security
BTSS units should be standard equipment in ALL ADA accessible bathrooms!.
Free standing and easily stored, our Bariatric Toilet Seat Support gives both the patient and facility peace of mind...

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