What will we do?
NPDG will work with you to bring your idea to life. Whether the idea is in your head, on a napkin, or a prototype in hand, we can help turn your idea into reality. Unlike other companies, NPDG will not ask you to fund your own project. We’ll we sit down and discuss your idea in the strictest confidence. Together we’ll talk about where you see your idea going and your vision for making it happen. We’ll give you our two cents earned through decades of developing ideas and running businesses, and you can decide whether this fits with your own dreams. If you decide to move forward with NPDG, we will do a feasibility analysis (market studies, cost analysis, etc) on your idea to determine marketability, then continue with you to make the idea production ready.
Why us?
NPDG has 35 years experience turning a wide range of ideas into profitable products, securing patents, and starting up and running successful businesses. This experience is driven by an entrepreneurial hunger to see ideas come to life and a desire to support the next generation of inventors. In short, NPDG exists to help turn your passion into reality.
This process is about much more than getting a product on a shelf and money in your pocket. NPDG was founded as a way for the owners of the company to fulfill their own life long dream. This dream is to use creativity, innovative spirit, passion and experience to help inventors make the most of their dreams!
So what makes us different?
From the moment you first contact us you will become part of our family. Owners and employees alike recognize building partnerships is part of the fabric of NPDG. We know how important collaboration and brainstorming is when bringing ideas to life and making them everything you had imagined. The mission of our company is launching dreams! We turn ideas to reality while creating partnerships among people energized by thinking about what is possible.
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